About us

WinG spol. Ltd. is a company based in Partizánske focused on IT technologies. It deals with the development, integration, sale and implementation of complex software solutions using the latest trends and technologies. The integration of CAD / CAM, ERP information systems (IS), web applications and touch screen and barcode technology is a characteristic feature of our solutions, which have already found significant application in various industries and healthcare. In addition, the use of the Open Source platform makes our products affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

From history

Originally a group of developers, composed of mathematicians, working (in 1985-1989) at the Research Institute of Footwear Technologies in Partizánske on the development of its own CAD system, founded the private company GRADEX inc. .
The company GRADEX inc. after a successful start, it continued its original activities until 1994. In that year, it was transformed into WinG Ltd., which since then represents the stability of relationships as well as continuous quality improvement and continuous innovation of its products with regard to the upcoming new SW technologies.

Since 2008, thanks to close cooperation with several business partners in the field of HVAC (production, sales, assembly), considerable progress has been made in the development of the ERP information system EWIS and CAD systems. It is in this area that we have achieved the most comprehensive expert solutions, which have significantly influenced the approach to the solution and implementation of similar systems performed by our company.