Case studies

Ewis is designed mainly for manufacturing companies that produce custom products, parametric products and products containing different levels of semi-finished products, e.g. HVAC products, air conditioners, etc. .

Manufacture of HVAC products

HVAC routes consist of many elements that are manufactured in different sizes.

The Ewise Component Library includes a library of straight air ducts (square, round / spiral, oval), fittings, accessories, diffusers, fans and more. The component may be, for example, an elbow, an duct, a spiral elbow and so on. The individual components contain:

  • parameters (properties) – such as width, height, length, diameter, angle, material, technology and many more. These can be named and added according to the needs and habits of the customer. Each parameter has its own attributes.
  • expressions for generating the product code – may consist of fixed texts and a combination of individual parameters. The product can contain several different codes and names according to the customer’s habits. For example, ELB 90° 200 × 500 zn, ELB 200 × 500/90° zn0.7 and so on.
  • rules for generating BOMs – these can be different e.g. for different values ​​of the selected parameter. For example, according to production technology or type of material.
  • rules for generating output to technological equipment – for example output to cutting equipment (laser, plasma, ..), specialized line for straight pipes and so on.
  • examinations whether different combinations of input parameters are allowed
  • method of generating sales and cost / purchase price
  • image or dimensioned product diagram for easier entry
  • additional information and files – for example production documentation, certificates. From these files it is possible e.g. automatically create attachments to quotations and so on.


Manufacture of air handling units (AHU)

An air handling unit is the composition of elements mounted in large, accessible box-shaped units called modules, which house the appropriate ventilation requirements for purifying, air-conditioning or renewing the indoor air in a building or premises. Individual devices are consist of purchased products, materials and semi-finished products. Various technologies for cutting, bending, surface treatment and such are used in the production. These technologies can also be used in cooperation.

Usually, individual manufacturers have custom systems for designing the parameters, shapes and composition of air handling units and their construction. It is basically a custom production with great variability and a number of parts and operations.

Ewis can be used as

  • enterprise information system – a BOM description is imported from the manufacturer’s design system. Complete BOMs with operations, semi-finished products, final products are generated in Ewise, which are processed in the usual way as other products.
  • subsystem of the existing manufacturer’s IS – a description of the BOM is imported from the manufacturer’s design system. Complete BOMs with operations, semi-finished products, final products are generated in Ewise and these are then imported into the manufacturer’s IS. This process can take place completely automatically and the manufacturer’s staff does not have to get used to another system. Ewis works for them “invisibly”.